Ok so – everybody supports in a different way. You have friends who make you laugh, tell you something worse to make you realize your problems aren’t so bad… you know. everybody is different.  I have one friend who despite everything I have told her is shit about my twin flame, still supports him. Still wants me to let go of my boundaries and give him another chance.  It sucks because all things considered, she’s a good person; but seriously?  This man has done and said some really shitty things and every time she has been in his corner, “well.. he’s going through a hard time. The newly awakened path isn’t easy.”  And it’s absolutely true! it’s incredibly difficult but, I never treated anybody the way he has treated me. so it leaves me confused. I guess I ought to see it more as practice- learning to sense bad advice, learning to sense a bad friend from a true one.  that’s how i’m going to take it, as a lesson, because Lord knows I’m pissed about it.

If you are my friend I think you should support me.  If somebody is displaying abusive behavior, be a good friend and call it for what it is. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask.  Ok, that’s my rant for the day!

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