We love the sea.  Its home,  it’s healing,  it’s love and so much more.


Yesterday again I reached my limit.  Found myself in the car with the air flying through the windows crying.  Not my pain. … empaths know what I mean. .. picking up on somebody else’s energy is so difficult when you’re already low yourself.  Then it’s like you’re fair game to anything passing by.  So I’m crying like a crazy woman in the car and can’t for the life of me figure out how to make things better. It was good to cry somebody else’s tears and release some of my own angst at the same time… but still. Bawling my ugly cry on my lunch break was not the plan.  Talk about a shitty feeling.  Nothing that worries me is in my control.  And all I wanted was some sign of truth from the universe that all was well.  I got my friend offering pizza and beer and time.  Awesome.

Pizza and beer were wonderful and good for my low energy. But what really healed me?  The walk on the beach.  The walk through the water,  the smell of burning marshmallows and half lit bon fire mixed with salty,  briny, sweet, sea.  That’s my heaven.  It was dark,  but the moon was glowing and my feet knew the way.  Felt good.

If nothing else in my life changes. .. I still have the sea and that in times of crises is far more than I need.

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