Talk Too Much

I think it was a Co worker who once said that communicating with dead people was awesome because you always knew what was coming.  Lol. Wrong.

What nobody tells you about spirits is they lie.  On the other side, the ends justify the means on all levels.  So if they have to tell you that there is cake on the other side of the hill because for some reason they need you to climb the damn hill,  they don’t give a fuck if you’re upset over not having cake.

Most people don’t get it.  I had a dream,  I had a vision,  I just knew,  I felt it in my gut,  my heart,  my ass. . It doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that you do what you’re told.  It sounds harsh but growing with the energy has taught me this is truth.

I can’t help but look back and ask myself,  why were you so sure? What made you think you could?  And if I’m lucky I eventually learn, why I needed to do what I did.  Most of the time though,  not revealed to me. -Say, I took the long way home and saw an accident on tv that happened along my usual route,-  ok maybe I’ll be less disappointed that the ice cream shop that made me detour in the first place was closed lol.  But if we make 1000 of those intuitive decisions a day,  maybe 1 of those ends up being explained or shown to you.  It’s not very good odds. And 1 out of 999 is not enough to keep you from feeling like a crazy person.

Talking directly to guardians and guides is worse.  They’ll tell you,  your dreams are coming true tomorrow and the sky is raining gold,  just to get your vibration up where it needs to be,  so that you can recieve a message,  a vision or whatever,  is needed to make things happen.  I’m not saying that I minded so much,  but after years of this its getting old.  The things I’ve been promised no longer excite or move me.  The carrot on the end of the stick is moldy and I’m thinking about turning back for home.

You just never know what’s coming next.  All u know is if God doesn’t want you to know,  you’ll never know.  The not truths will flood your head and heart until your lost.

Its a difficult path to walk.  What is real,  what’s not? What is truth, what is the lie?  How long do you let untruths keep falling to the wayside before you give up on faith?


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